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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Quick Review: Magnolia

Magnolia (from the people who brought you The Bar on Sunset and Bronson) has been around long enough that it doesn't really need a review. This actually is a post about restaurants that call themselves restaurants but in reality are just high-end bars that happen to serve food too.
Magnolia knows that their patrons are Belvedere-swilling hipsters, and the bartenders and servers were trained to effectively handle the volume and variety of drink orders. Places like Blowfish and Katana, are also bars masquerading as restaurants, but the difference is that Magnolia actually has good food, in large portions for fair prices... for a bar.
The music is always good. The location on Sunset makes it a great stop before or after a show at the Henry Fonda, Pantages, ArcLight or Paladium. The hostesses are beautiful. It's a place that can handle a partying table of eight on a Friday night and not miss a beat, keeping everyone drunk, full and happy. Many bars in LA can't claim the same.
Grilled salmon with asparagus

Lobster ravioli

Brussel sprouts

mint chip ice cream sandwich


At 12:18 PM, Blogger jinius said...

I was there in August and love the mint chip icecream sandwich! can they ship them to new york? ;-P


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