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Friday, February 16, 2007

Got a Secret

Sometimes LA can be tough because it's a huge megaopolis. On a daily basis, however, it gets easier as my world shrinks to the two mile radius of my office and apartment. Said two mile radius happens to house many terrific restaurants, but it also is the home of countless offices and ultimately their employees. These employees have expense accounts and love to "do lunch" and dinner.
So when a superb (albeit expensive) strip mall-based, omakase sushi bar opens within said radius, I can't help but want to keep it a secret. Although there are many great restaurants (and sushi bars) in the area, great new restaurants open infrequently.
So I'm gonna post about Sushi Park, just so I can say I did but that's it. I'm not gonna rave about the variety and quality of the fish. I'm not gonna namedrop the celebrities that were there. I'm not gonna weigh whether they high price is worth it. Basically I'm not gonna ruin it. Because it's nice when you don't have to book dinner three months in advance like some new restaurants . It's nice when the sushi chefs and servers know your name. It's nice when there isn't a $15 valet taking cars from blackberry-addicted sleaze balls in shiny suits. And because there are so many places in LA that die at the hands of their own hype , it's nice to have Sushi Park to myself... for now.


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