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Monday, January 29, 2007

Iron Dinner Theater

To continue with the Iron Chef theme, a while ago I came up with another possible restaurant concept. In the vein of Planet Hollywood (in that it's a tourist trap restaurant) but with Benihana's take on personal chefs per table.
Basically it's Iron Chef on a small scale in front of an audience of 20 seated around a mini kitchen stadium. Two chefs battle, serving each dish as they finish so you eat your first course while watching them battle out the second course. This continues until the meal is done and the table votes. The winning chef gets a wonderful feeling of victory.
The venue must be big enough for multiple mini kitchen stadiums. Theme ingredient should be restaurant-wide, possibly changing weekly or monthly (not sure about the practicality of a rotating menu).The Food Network probably should have a tie to these venues (the first of which obviously will be in Vegas). Attached to the restaurant is a Food Network store selling books, kitchenware and jarred sauces from the many celebrity chefs who owe their fame to the network. The employees can yell 'Bam' and slap your change into your hand after you shelled out $85 for a cookbook and Rachel Ray t-shirt.


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