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Friday, May 02, 2008

Save Our Taco Trucks Night

First, the $6.66 bill on Monday didn't have any ill effects on the week. So take that superstitions.
Second, taco trucks are the quintessential food marathon purveyor. They provide easy access, quick, inexpensive, delectable food and can be found throughout Southern California. So when the recent movement to save them from recent regulations by the LA County Board of Supervisors, I jumped into action. Well, I ate at a taco truck, but that's about as politically active as I get...
After the Does It Offend You, Yeah? show last night
I drove around the corner to El Chato. Located nightly in a parking lot at the busy intersection of La Brea and Olympic, this taco truck is an area favorite.
With ample parking, the truck is adorned with artwork beckoning a visit.
Fresh lime, radishes, onions and peppers garnish the pungent tacos.
The tacos al pastor and carne asada were delicious. The flavor to size ratio is ridiculous.
Thick, gooey quesadillas....
The Board of Supervisors are trying to protect the citizens of Los Angeles from unhealthy meat on wheels and local businesses from roaming restaurants. To the first point, I think there's a certain person who will eat at a taco truck and that person is willing to endure whatever repercussions ensue. I personally have never had a problem, and until widespread cases of food poisoning are exposed I think they should be left to serve the community delicious meals.


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