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Monday, April 21, 2008

The 'bu Food Marathon

Before Hollywood's most talented thespians seek refuge from their tumultuous shooting schedules (with their adoring fans in tow), I thought I would do a Malibu food marathon.
Starting from the north end of the Pacific Coast Highway and working south, we hit Neptune's Net first.This biker-haven has a ton of mechanical eye candy, but very little in the human variety. The fried fish is as described.
Can't really do wrong in my book when you fry something... but next time we'll try some of the less battered options. With a wide selection of cold beers it seems like a great place for cycle enthusiasts to reduce their reaction time before speeding down one of the most beautiful pieces of asphalt in America.
The newly opened Malibu Pier Club was our next stop.
We spent a couple of hours there enjoying the sun and view.
Once the Rudy's Shake Shack opens at the end of the pier and The Beachcomber (next to the Pier Club) this place definitely will draw the Duke's and Paradise Cove crowd.
The food, which currently is being cooked in a 'roach coach' behind the Pier Club was average at best. Once the Beachcomber opens, its kitchen will serve both restaurants. They have a lot of blankets for guests, which is a nice touch on a sunny but breezy spring day.
The buffalo shrimp salad was six fried shrimp covered in buffalo wing sauce served amidst a head of lettuce. There was a tiny amount of blue cheese crumbled on top. For $15 it's a ripoff- then again, we're in Malibu so I'm not surprised.
Alice's Truffle Chips should have been french fries and shouldn't have been covered with melted goat cheese. They should have just been truffle fries. The sauce congealed before we'd even finished eating them.
The Tiny Ahi Tacos were pretty good. Fried wontons filled with fresh tuna...
The desserts included an ice cream sundae on a stick, which were ordered covered in whipped cream.
Also the chocolate and mascarpone pudding- they gave it a fancier name but that's all it was...
For now I'd say it's better than the Ferrari-fest at Moonshadows, with easy access, comfortable chairs and a nice view. The parking is $4 for 2 hours and 20 minutes- otherwise it's $10.
Last stop was Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine. Again, Malibu prices for mediocre food (at least compared to Thai town). You pay for the view.
The Golden Bags- crispy wonton filled with ground chicken and shrimp served with sweet sauce were nice looking but the meat was dry and bland.
The jungle curry (my picture didn't come out so I stole this one) was ok. The curry wasn't overpowering but had a slight kick. The quality of the ingredients (string beans, squash, bell peppers, chicken) was passable.
It was a beautiful weekend and great catching up with friends I hadn't seen for a while. Malibu is really a great place until the summer- then it can be a bit of a hassle... Until then I think it's best to pack a lunch from Bay Cities or stick to Malibu Seafood.


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