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Thursday, January 03, 2008

End of Year Eating

Just a quick update about my end of year eating:
Singapore Banana Leaf's Rendang Chicken was just okit's far superior to Ford's Filling Station which was bland and overpriced with bad service. The meat loaf burger was bland and didn't sit well on the bun.CJ's Cafe, however, was terrific. Very good french toast. Fast service, inexpensiveand the chilaquiles with hot sauce were a great workout for an iron stomach.Christmas Eve dinner, made by the same chef as Thanksgiving dinner, was phenomenal. cheese plate: manchego, st. andre, french blue, domestic goat, grapesmeat plate: spicy salami, homemade chicken liver pate, cornichons, olivesdrinks: pomegranite margaritas and apple brandy hot toddies
homemade pico de gallo salsa
homemade hummuspasta with a sauce of garlic and red pepper crushed with anchovy and shredded spinach
oystersdessert: strawberry/ raspberry rugelach and coffee shortbread
Last but not least we tried some hot chips by Kettle. Stay tuned for a new food music post: the Hot Chip/s battle...


At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Alaina said...

No report on Melrose Bar & Grill?

At 12:29 PM, Blogger jinius said...

i am so insanely jealous of all the insanely good food you consumed. and you had me at pomegranate margarita. swoon.


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