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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Farewell to the Factory Food Marathon

Sunday's food marathon saw many firsts: the first food marathon at night, a first time marathoner and the first farewell during a marathon. The Wiener Factory was one of our high school hang outs (Henry's Tacos being the first and foremost). With its red cabbage and chili hot dogs and outdoor tables, it is the valley's answer to Pinks. We mourn the loss, and damn the Pinkberry that will replace it, as modern times extinguish the affordable, slow-paced center of Sherman Oaks eating. In honor of the demise of a longstanding valley tradition we visited the Wiener Factory for what would likely be the last time. We obviously weren't the only ones preparing for the relocation of the purveyor of pork, as a man wearing a hot dog hat (that's a hot dog resembling a large wiener) circled a table of long time Wiener Factory regulars. Hoping not to let emotions affect their plans, the Wiener Factory will close and field offers of buyouts and helpouts during their time away from the long standing hot dog stand on Ventura. You will be missed.
As we were in the valley we continued our marathon northward, stopping at Skaf's (which would have served fantastic Lebanese food if it wasn't closed) before parking outside El Taco Llama.
In an old Taco Bell, rife with video games and a small salsa bar, we ordered a variety of tacos (carne asada, al pastor, carnitas) in addition to guacamole. The dark red salsa was a favorite amongst the group, while the gaucamole was weak and forgettable. The tacos arrived quickly, resembling a taco truck's wares in size and quality. Flavor was good but not outstanding and before we could even absorb the ambiance (or lack thereof) we were off to Tacos el Zorro.
The eastern most of the chain of three, Tacos El Zorro has karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights. The jukebox, which seemed to be full of tejano hits, blared music while we awaited our meal.
Mimicking our previous order we got 2 each: tacos de carne asada, al pastor and carnitas. The size and quality was impressive, with two bottles of homemade salsa to accompany the large tacos. Winning in overall flavor, the tacos were spicy, succulent combos of fresh tortillas and grilled beef and pork. The salsa wasn't as good as Llama's, but not really necessary either with the high quality tacos.
Hoping for a sweet end to the marathon we made our way towards Krispy Kreme, but found that the overreaching company had closed their original west coast location. Not content to end on a sour note we made our way back to Pho 999 and easily polished off two fresh bowls of pho (one steak/brisket, one meatball). The spice and broth were the warm ending to an onion-filled marathon in the central San Fernando Valley.
We'll miss the Weiner Factory and hope they resurface in a new location in the new year.


At 10:29 AM, Blogger jinius said...

pinkberry sucks. weiners rule.

At 3:22 PM, Blogger Scott said...


I lived a few blocks away on Kester Ave. for 5 big years, and ate at The Factory many times. Cole slaw dog. Nice.

Are they going to preserve the walls with the Sergio Aragones sketches on them?

At 3:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course Skaf's is closed on Sunday. The man deserves a day off. (NE corner of Laurel Canyon & Oxnard.)

The best family run restaurant in a "strip mall" in North Hollywood. He will let you order how you want - even if not on the menu. The only time in eight plus years I have been disappointed he told me first - and that my wife (who he never met) would like the item. He was right on both accounts.

Best value for lamb chops in town.

Hopefully another eight plus years.

At 7:53 PM, Blogger toofly said...

i loved the shoutout to henrys tacos (a mainstay of my highschool diet, going to oakwood only a few blocks away). I think it's awful that pinkberry is taking down weiner factory, can't they be content with their location at laurel and ventura rather than moving west?

At 1:12 PM, Blogger FnSmall said...

You are my idol, back to back to back to back eats? Dogs - Tacos - Tacos - Pho? I would re-label the title of your blog from "Farewell to the Factor Food Marathon" to "How to live a perfect day"

At 5:36 PM, Blogger Food Marathon said...

-Don't know about the train artwork.
-Know that Pinkberry won't be content until they eclipse Starbucks in land mass coverage.
- Don't know if it's the perfect day as there was no bacon involved...


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