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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Comme ça

The opening event for Comme ça was a cheese, cocktail and oyster-filled affair, easily surpassing my expectations.
-the bar area is much bigger than Sona's
-the cheese bar at the front of the restaurant means there won't be a reason to venture past the main bar (I imagine a circular pattern; cheese, wine, cheese, maybe a restroom break at some point, cheese, wine, cheese)
-the room noise is kept to a comfortable level
-the ambiance is very homey
-the food, not surprisingly, is magnificent with the oysters, cod/potato balls and puff pastries ranking amongst my favorites
-the specialty cocktails were strong except for the cucumber-based drink which actually might be healthy...
Supposedly they'll be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, offering French food throughout the day. There's no doubt they will do great business, with lower cost items than Sona, yet the same fantastic service, food and Boule's desserts. And yes, there will be bacon bread.


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