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Monday, October 08, 2007

The 150K

Normally my references are marathon and running related (5k, 10k, 26.2 miles), but in this case the 150k stands for 150,000- as in calories eaten in the last week.
Between Comme Ça, Ludobites, Mozza and a few others thrown in, it was one of the most cheese-filled weeks of my life.
Ludobites really is a special situation. Ludo and his wife are serving Bastide-level food at one fifth of the cost by removing the expenses associated with wine, service/decor and the other ancillary elements of a great meal. It's about great food- rich (potato salad coated in bacon), decadent (foie gras grilled cheese on squid ink bread), food alongside meats and cheese. I really don't want to give it away, because it feels like a secret and I'd hate to see it spoiled.
Pizzeria Mozza is as good as always, with a new edition: Pumpkin Gelato Pie. I'm a huge fan of pumpkin pie in general, so imagine Mozza's version... it's outstanding. If it was possible I'd bring a pie to Thanksgiving dinner this year.
Add in a taco from Henry's and a delicious homemade grilled cheese and cupcakes. Then top it all off with the ridiculousness that is Milk's cookies & cream bar and a coffee toffee ice cream sandwich, and you push the heart's limits of proper functionality.
My heart doesn't hurt, but I have a feeling that I'll be in for some bad news at my physical in a few weeks. I expect my doctor to advise against weeks where cheese is the overwhelming majority of my diet.


At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Doug said...

A cheese filled week is not a wasted week.


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