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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Fratellis vs Frittelli's

I'd like to think that this is the first of its kind; a combination restaurant review (Frittelli's Donuts) and concert review (The Fratellis), comparing and contrasting the two completely different yet similarly named items.
The Fratellis are three indie rockers from Glasgow in a band that may or may not be named after the nemesis from The Goonies. They play fun, rollicking rock and roll that doesn't break any new barriers but bounces along with strong melodies and harmonies. Their show last month at the Troubadour was on my birthday at my favorite venue. A few years ago a similar band Franz Ferdinand played the Troubadour on my birthday as well. It's the best venue in LA, and seeing these bands play there before they move on to bigger stages is always fun.
Usually bands have a few great songs, some in the middle and some bad ones. The Fratellis literally have six or seven great songs and the rest are horrid. I'm not sure how a band can write such different material, but they succeed in being the first to alternatingly rock and suck from one song to the next.
Beyond the stage their album artwork, maintaining a strong theme throughout, is well done.Frittelli's Donuts & Coffee is "the Prada of pastries" according to KTLA morning news. Their success lies in the time and care they put into their donuts and fillings. All handmade, all fresh and in a wide array of flavors.I ordered a dozen, starting off with the Boston Creme Fill with Chocolate Glaze. The dough, filling and glaze were as fine as I've had in a donut with extra points for the handmade filling. Standouts included the blueberry, strawberry, espresso and maple glazed. The basic glaze, sugar, old fashioned and chocolate all were terrific- falling only to a fresh-out-of-the-oven Krispy Kreme (not to be confused with a sat-for-the-whole-day Krispy Kreme).
Like The Fratellis, Frittelli's has great presentation and packaging.
In the end, eating a dozen Frittelli's donuts at a Fratellis concert would be an enjoyable experience. However, I predict that Frittelli's will have a longer career.


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