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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More Walking-Distance Restaurants

Bread Bar, Third Stop, Cuvee, Newsroom, The Ivy, Orso, Locanda Veneta... these restaurants are literally a nine iron from my apartment. So just chalk it up to gluttony that I want more.
Le Pain Quotidien just opened even closer to my apartment than Bread Bar. And although there is one .58 miles north and another 1.52 miles west, I still prefer the walking-distance location. I guess it proves that Los Angeleno's desire for bread is insatiable.

With a signature communal table running down the center, and two-tops along the walls, the small (and probably expensive) Robertson Blvd space is used very well. The outdoor tables with a view of the famous roller dancer, will come only second to the patio at the Ivy in terms of visual entertainment in the form of awe-struck mocking.
The soup of the day was white bean which was flavorful and filling. The special salad was a beet with raspberries, goat cheese and pine nuts. The salad dressing was bland but the rest was good.
Mint lemonade and tea to drink.
No major opening-week kinks except the manual notation of the check and credit card.
So until the newly expanded Joan's on Third opens, I guess you'll find me at Le Pain.


At 3:47 PM, Blogger Aubrey said...

You my friend live in a most blessed area for eating. Cheers alone to that!

At 5:50 PM, Blogger Food Marathon said...

I'd have to agree. All they need to do is put an In-N-Out at the Beverly Center.


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