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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fosselman's is Just Fine

Fosselman's has a reputation as being one of the best ice cream shops in LA. The ice cream is good, but I think it maintains its rep because it's been around for so long.The shop is quaint, with patrons constantly rotating through.
I'd never seen the simple invention of the double-headed cone for two scoops. We tried the chocolate covered strawberry ice cream, which was terrific. The chocolate chip cookie dough was definitely good, but not the best I've had.
The sundae is the epitome of Americana: thick chocolate syrup, fresh whipped cream and cherry on top.
To be honest, I much prefer Culvers.


At 2:26 AM, Blogger tahala said...

FM, I'm from Wisconsin and grew up on frozen custard!If you like Culver's, then you will LOVE Silky Smooth Ultra Creamery in the Beverly Center
They serve genuine extruded (not soft-serve) Wisconsin Vanilla Fresh Frozen Custard from the very same dairy as Culvers & Kopps, but with a lower butterfat content. Most non-vanilla flavors start with this custard and add genuine Italian Gelato flavorings, even better than Culvers/Kopps! The owner told me they opened 3 years ago as "Silky Smooth Frozen Custard" but locals hated the name custard so it had to be changed to "Ultra Premium Ice Cream". I have watched local custard stands come and go, but since Pinkberry mania took LA by storm, that killed all of the custard stands except for Silky Smooth. Some deserved to die (Lickety Split sucked) but others were very good (Kill Devils and Big J's in The OC). We custard fans need to spread the word...we know it BLOWS AWAY Pinkberry, but NO ONE ELSE in LA knows jack about it, and could care less until they taste it. At least Silky was smart enough to delete the name its just a matter of blogging the hell out of it so Silky will deservedly replace Pinkberry as the "NEXT BIG THING". Big difference here? Pinkberry will be a short-lived fad. Silky Smooth (and any other equivalents) will permanently upgrade the taste buds of Angelenos who think BaskinRobbins, ColdStone, HaagenDazs, and some mediocre gelato shops are as good as it gets.


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