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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Bucket List Food Marathon

We scheduled a food marathon for Saturday- mostly just places we've been wanting to try. In the works are a few others including "The Bucket List Food Marathon" (things to eat before you kick-the-bucket) as inspired by this article. An excellent choice from that article is Scallop roe: Oyster bars sometimes serve scallops on the half-shell. Pounce. When raw, their briny sweetness is intensified. The fat, orange comma of coral attached – as hermaphrodites, both sexes contain roe – is even better, like caviar but more delicate.
My list includes brain- not necessarily monkey brain despite the fame of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Another one on my list is sushi from somewhere comparable to Urasawa (in Japan, New York or LA). An added bonus would be the Simpson's famed Fugu.It's gonna take some research to get this marathon planned... and from the looks of it, television and films will play a large role in the brainstorming. That said, I'll stay away from Fear Factor.


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