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Friday, June 15, 2007

Just Drink Water

This reminded me that I was gonna post about idiotic beverage names a while ago. When a soda has six words in the name, isn't it time to ditch the test marketing and make some executive decisions. You need a decoder to figure out what these Gatorade flavors mean: Fierce, Rain, Extremo and X-Factor.
Do people really say "I love that Gatorade Fierce, it's WAY better than Gatorade Extremo? Do the 7-Eleven's get a tutorial with each new product to describe the chemical advantages of one flavor over another? Gatorade has footnotes with their ingredients, to prove that their product enhances performance.
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The theory is that it's scientifically proven to taste better when you're thirsty.
How far will it go? Diet Caffeine Free Uber-Force Tank Breaker Passion Punch Sierra Mist?


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