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Monday, March 26, 2007

Table for Twelve

Big dinners are a pet peeve of mine, because there are so few restaurants that can easily handle a table of twelve. Ordering is a stressful chore, busboys can't keep up with requests for sauces, water, forks, etc. and long tables often separate diners and cause room volume to increase.
So I'm glad to tell you that Genghis Cohen far surpassed my expectations in serving a dinner for twelve on a Friday night at 7pm.
For starters the round table allows everyone to speak to each other easily. The waiter wasn't fazed by the size of the group or the disorganization of the order. Most importantly, the food came very quickly, piping hot and not sacrificing flavor. The busboys cleared plates and refilled waters often, always being polite in reaching over shoulders to the Lazy Susan (just out of reach) at the center of the table.
Although most Chinese restaurants serving family style meals probably would yield similar results, I wanted to give high marks to Genghis Cohen.
NOTE: This review isn't about the food. The food is fine. It's not the best by any means, but there aren't a lot of good Chinese restaurants near Fairfax and Melrose. I much prefer Yang Chow for non-SGV Chinese food.


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