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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Once There Was

Once there was a restaurant called Atlas Delicatessen in Madison, Wisconsin. I saved the menu for all these years because they made great sandwiches.
It was located on Monroe Street, which meant Mickey's Dairy Bar was nearby. Mickeys is the quintessential heart-attack-on-plate, Midwestern breakfast joint. Atlas was a gourmet cheese shop with an extensive list of Meats, Schmears (fresh slaw, olive relish, onion relish, Sriracha Hot Sauce), Cheese, Birds, Fungus, Roots and Leaves. Their sandwich list included Wisconsin-sized sandwiches like the 'NYPD'- 3/4 lb Corned Beef, Inglehoffer Horseradish Mustard on seeded rye and the 'Fried Bologna'- 1/2 lb thick slice bologna, Malle Dijon Mustard, Atlas onions on a Paisano roll.
Atlas has since been replaced by Relish Deli which I haven't tried. I miss it.


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