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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Why Haven't They...

Modern takes on comfort food are trendy right now. So why isn't there a grilled cheese/Mac&Cheese restaurant that serves soup. It's a simple concept: eight different cheeses, breads and macaroni, eight different soups. Keep it on the hipper/fancier side and appeal to the Pinkberry/Toast/Urth crowd. No greasy, overstuffed paninis, no thousand calorie cream of broccoli- clean sandwiches on fresh bread with gruyere, ham-less pea soup and (obviously) spicy Thai and other Asian soups...
In recent discussions it's become apparent that everyone (especially, but not only during cold weather) loves soup. So why is it that Souplantation , some random ramen and Pho restaurants and Doughboys are the only places offering soup as a main component to their menus? How do salads and sandwiches earn so much menu clout, while soups are often relegated to an uninspired list of two.
With so many varieties of soups from all different parts of the world, and the many degrees of fancy soups that can be produced, it would seem like an inexpensive way to expand the menu. Toast offers a variety, yet still stick to standard American fare. Most trendy lunch places do (Cheebo : vegan butternut squash, Joans: tomato). Doughboys is the best bet for large portions of tasty soup. If they changed their menu seasonally I probably wouldn't even have this rant.


At 2:09 PM, Blogger 2nd-favorite said...

Speaking of soup, I have just learned, through EatDrink&bMerry that there is a place in thai town that serves up thai boat noodles made with beef blood broth. We should get together soon anyway, want to check it out? Place is called Sapp Coffee shop, have you been?


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