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Friday, December 01, 2006

Chulada Grill

With the advent of Chowhound, it's almost impossible to find restaurants that are untouched by the forks and fingers of food bloggers. So I'm gonna make an effort to find some.
Chulada Grill is a stereotypical Mexican American restaurant in the Miracle Mile area. They seem to specialize in takeout and delivery but we ate there. As the area is not necessarily known for its food, I'd have to say it's a solid local choice. I haven't had the American side of the menu yet, but the burgers and chili seem like a good hangover meal- when leaving your two mile radius isn't a pleasant option.

Ambiance: Two TV's tuned to Jeopardy, a salsa bar akin to La Salsa/Baja Fresh, chips were unsalted, table cloths/paper napkins.

Service: Extremely attentive, food was brought quickly.
Food: CHILE VERDE, Deep fried pork with green tomatillo salsa, bell peppers, tomatoes, rice, beans and tortillas. $8.50- Although the color made the dish look like snot, the pork was tasty and the sauce was quite flavorful. Rice, beans and tortillas all were fine.
MACHO BURRITO, Choice of beef or chicken, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese
- My friends ordered chicken burritos, which are large and very tasty. They come wrapped in paper, which sealed in some liquid (probably from freshly cut/cleaned lettuce/tomatoes, combined with the very tender chicken).
Drinks: Cold Dos Equis and Coronas.
Note: The guacamole wasn't good and was overpriced at $2.50 for a college shot-glass-sized cup.

Chulada Grill
5607 San Vicente Blvd.
(Corner of Hauser and San Vicente)
Los Angeles, CA 90019
p.(323) 954-7570


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